About American Candle

American Candle opened its doors on April 13, 1978. Now a Pocono Mountains staple, our Shoppes continues to harness the true Poconos spirit.

Enchanting is the only word that can possibly sum up everything we have to offer.

When you walk into our huge store, you are immediately met with the aroma of candles, soothing music, and beautiful displays that let you know you are not in your average candle shop.

A tradition in the Pocono Mountains @ The Shoppes at American Candle (Pocono Mountains, PA)

The store opened with the goal of bringing quality service to the Poconos. During the humble beginnings our shop housed candles, candle accessories, and home décor. Visitors could see candles being made and enjoy the simple pleasantries of all things wax.

At that time, making candles was done on a much smaller scale. All candles were made on the premises and candles produced were limited to hand carved creations, with the creator using tools on warm wax, pulling and peeling at parts of the candle to make different designs.

But as the years grew greater in number, so did our square footage. Aiming to enhance our customer’s experience of American Candle, something new was added every two years.

Around 1982, the candy store was established. Customers were exposed to more sweets than they could imagine. Over a hundred barrels filled with old and new varieties—including everything from malt balls and root beer barrels to fried eggs and Swedish fish—challenged a customer’s ability to pick only one.

Coffee varieties and a seating area were added as well, providing visitors with an old time soda shoppe feel.

Soon, new products adorned the shelves. High-end brands made an appearance, and entire lines started to grace the rooms of American Candle.

Today, you can find not only American Candle’s personal line of products, but you can compare them next to Woodwick candles and countless accessory lines. But, as we have seen, our company is so much more than just pillars of wax.

Stroll through the many rooms of the huge structure that houses our business and you will find gifts, figurines, charming holiday villages and seasonal merchandise, artwork, home decor, handcrafted jewelry, wedding accessories, Swarovski crystal, even an entire women’s boutique.

American Candle is all about variety and quality. It is very difficult to find a store that carries full lines of products and such a diverse selection. It is no secret that our business has that variety.

With everything that is offered, you would think American Candle couldn’t get any more enchanting. But with our family run feel we really escalate every shopping trip to a shopping affair.

When first opened, the business had five employees. Our customers and employees all shared that stereotypical small town relationship. As the years passed, more employees were hired, but that personal attention never ceased to exist. The employees are the backbone of our company with some having tenure over 30 years.

With our personal attention and small business charm American Candle is one of the area’s most popular places to shop.

Our quality and commitment shines through on every level. As our business has expanded and time has passed, American Candle is still run the way it was at its roots.

A part of Pocono’s history, American Candle is so much more than just great candles.